Why not offer samples??? Other then that loved the red vin


LOVE IT!!!!!!


You guys are amazing. Wish you would carry more strains:)

Happy girl

Fast shipping and the Kratom was on point.

Ted T

The most fresh product I have ever tried!

Sussan A

KOOL site love the feel of it..


Wish they had bigger size capsules... Other then that good job


Fast and good quality

Bill R

Love the site and love there Kratom...

Happy customer!

This is my 3rd time buying from them. The only con is they don't have a large option to buy. Maybe they well read this and offer more:)

Kathy P

Just got my Kratom yesterday and I have to say good job guys.. Only thing I wished is you can buy a smaller amount.


Loved the the whole service. Its hard to find a good site you can trust. Keep up the good service.

Holly & Tom

WOW WOW WOW product was good... Well definitely be re ordering soon. 


Great service.... Product showed up on time and loved the packaging....

Rob H.

Nice touch I am loving the fact you have options with capsules 

Kratom lover.